We invite YOU into a NEW networking opportunity right here in De Smet!

CONNECT De Smet is a local group formed to preserve and prosper the De Smet legacy by CONNECTing local people and organizations for the development of our community. 

So what’s this all about? 

     * It’s about people helping people 

     * Welcoming and CONNECTing new people to our community and local resources 

     * Advocacy and promotion of our local businesses, services and talents 

     * Professional growth and development through learning and networking with each   other 

Upcoming opportunities to be a part of: 

     * CONNECT After Hours – These CONNECT After Hours Socials are held every-other-month, from 4:30-6:30pm at a different business each month we have them.

      o CONNECTing: These socials will be held inside area businesses with appetizers, drinks, door prizes, tours and networking opportunities to learn and CONNECT. 

      o Focus Concepts & Awareness: The feature business will have an opportunity to host a get-together and tell about their history, products/services, purposes, strengths and even challenges they may be facing. 

      o Education & Announcements: Feature and CONNECT current promotions, opportunities or needs of your business. 

* WELCOME Home Packet 

o Your information can be included in these packets! These are given to newcomers to our community to CONNECT them as they become part of our community 

There will be food, drinks, prizes, networking and fun! 


What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)? 

     * An opportunity to feature your business, service or expertise * Awareness of your business on www.desmetsd.com 

     * A spot in local directories, social media and welcome packets 

     * CONNECTing yourself to people and resources to potentially create opportunities for growth 

     * FUN!...Network to gain knowledge of local resources and CONNECT yourself to them! 

How do I CONNECT? 

* Follow CONNECT De Smet on Facebook!

* CONNECT to the group through the De Smet website, www.desmetsd.com! 

* Come to a CONNECT After Hours Social! 

Do you know someone who is new to town? 

* Please invite them to our  CONNECT After Hours (See the De Smet, South Dakota or CONNECT De Smet on Facebook for updates.) We will be sure they “get connected!” 

* Invite them to the CONNECT De Smet Facebook group! 


If you would like to sign up to receive more communication about CONNECT De Smet or if you’re interested in hosting a “CONNECT After Hours” social, please contact Barb at 605-854-5959 or Rita at 605-203-0216.