Enjoy the 'Wilder" Life

Make your home in De Smet
Have you ever thought about leaving the rat-race of city life to enjoy the pace of a small town? De Smet offers the best of both worlds. Jason and Angie Baszler recently moved from the city to De Smet and love being a part of the community. “With two small children, we felt like we were living a ‘frantic’ life and pulled in many different directions. We were involved in community organizations, but with so many people, it was hard to feel like we were making a difference.” Angie shares. “In De Smet, our kids are free to run, play and explore. We have built great friendships and love the community connection that happens here. We are fortunate that our involvement here matters and the entire community works together to make things happen.”

When the Baszler’s first thought of moving to De Smet, they were concerned they wouldn’t be able to find jobs. They initially contacted Rita Anderson at the De Smet Development Corporation and looked into a few business opportunities. At the same time, Dakotaland Federal Credit Union was opening a branch in De Smet and it was a perfect fit for Jason, with 15 years of banking experience.

De Smet is a vibrant small town with lots of life. It literally takes 5 minutes or less to get anywhere in town and there are no stoplights. Everyone reaches out to help others. When a local family recently faced a house fire, everyone came out to help clean up and get them what they needed before the sun even came up. De Smet is the perfect place to raise a family because you know all the teachers and other parents. Family values are strong here.

De Smet Roots Program
Have you thought about or wished you could move back to your hometown of De Smet, SD. There is a networking programming connecting former De Smet residents with opportunities in their hometown.
How does it work?
• Alumni are identified who would consider moving back to the De Smet area if a "certain situation would occur or job would become available".
• List is monitored and if a situation happens that matches, individuals are contacted.
Confidential - Only administrator has access. We will never give out an individual's name or contact information.
Is there a situation that might bring you back to De Smet?
A certain job or career? Even though it might take weeks to years before the right match occurs, someone will be working for you to identify those opportunities that might not be easily found.
Retirement? Retiring former residents looking for housing and other info to move back to their hometown to be close to family and friends enjoy the recreational and quality of life opportunities that only De Smet can offer.
Business Opportunity? Have you ever thought about buying or starting a business in your hometown? We will alert you of businesses for sale and put you in contact to explore those opportunities.
To be a part of this program, contact Rita Anderson at (605) 203-0216.


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