Lending a Helping Hand

Thursday, December 01, 2011

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With endless reminders of our nation’s struggling economy, it seems that success stories on the financial front such as business creation, job retention and creation and community development are seldom heard.

But don’t tell that to residents in the De Smet, S.D., area.

For nearly 15 years, De Smet has invested in infrastructure and businesses development with assistance from the Rural Electric Economic Develop-ment, Inc., or REED Fund.

Originated in 1996, REED is a collaborative effort of 21 consumer-owned electric cooperatives that have actively supported both community development and economic growth.

Beginning in 1997 with financial assistance from REED, De Smet was able to secure a portion of necessary financing for construction of the De Smet Rural Health Clinic through the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Economic Development Grant and Loan program.

REED also provided financial assistance with the Ingalls Drive street project in 2006 after the city annexed an area near the country club.

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