De Smet Elementary

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Brittani Wilkinson’s kindergarten class at Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary School shared what each of them is thankful for this Thanksgiving.


They all start with "I am thankful for.”


Alyssa Asleson: “Playing with my friends, because it is fun!”


Carelynn Casper: “Food. I like ice cream.”


Tanner Tolzin: “The pilgrims, because they hunted turkeys with bow and arrows!”


Shaylee Duffy: “The army, because they help us.”


Mirra Beck: “Making new friends, because I am nice.”


Ganon Henrich: ”My mom, because she gets me ice cream.”


Josiah Roth: “My family.”


Micah Adkins: My brother Gabe, because he doesn't throw toys.”


Gannon Gilligan: “My dog, because he is nice.”


Hailey Lee  “My mom and dad.”


Bryah Bryant:  “My aunt taking care of me. She makes me pumpkin pie!”


Payton Botkin: “My brother, because he plays with me.”


Kaleb Johnson: ”Toy animals, because they look real.”


Chester Larsen: ”My grandma Marlys, because she is really nice.”


Samuel Gigov: “My mom, because I love her.”


Tanner Crain: “Kindergarten, because it is fun!”


The preschool classes, taught by Kay Koehlmoos, celebrated Thanksgiving Nov. 21 with a feast in their classroom.

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