Young Guns know how to throw a party

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

“De Smet has not had a social like this since I can ever remember,” said Rita Anderson, economic development coordinator. “The people attending the event could not say enough about how fun it was.”


Tall tables were set up in the Dugout recreation hall in De Smet Feb. 9 for the Young Guns’ Wilder Night party. In the center of each table was a flickering candle made out of a cut-off wine bottle.


The room was packed and buzzing with conversation. The line to pick up a plate full of Glenda Odegaard’s Countryview Catering fare went halfway around the room.


In the background, The Tinderbox, a three-member band comprised of Chad Konrad, Jon Wallner and Dominic Yeager, performed their blend of Americana, folk and bluegrass music.


The Sioux Falls band was founded in 2010, and is managed by Mike Yeager. They handed out free copies of their CD, “Who’s To Till This Land?” and it’s definitely worth a listen.


Two rows of tables down the center of the room featured South Dakota beverages to sample and rate. Some of the regionally made products were available for purchase on-site.


“My first stop was the Tucker’s Walk Winery,” said Chamber of Commerce President Chad Kruse. “I asked for a sample of something sweet and he said I had to try this dryer wine. I wrinkled my nose and said ‘not a fan of the dryer wines.’”



“Dimock Cheese at a nearby table had a full sampler of 10-15 different cheeses and Tucker’s made me get a piece of sharp cheddar cheese to have with my wine. ‘Not a fan of sharp cheddar either,’” Kruse said. “But I did what I was told. The cheese was awesome and the wine was, too. They complemented each other amazingly well, but I still like my sweeter wines.”


The Young Guns sold all 200 of their available tickets for the event. “Thanks so much to Amy Kruse and the rest of the committee. You guys did a great job,” said Young Guns President Jason Baszler. “As far as we can tell at this point, we will have raised more than $7,000 for the school and it’s new athletic complex project.”


David Tritle

Assistant Editor

The De Smet News

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