The De Smet News finally goes digital

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The News has, at long last, launched a web page. I invite you to go to to check it out.


At the moment, it doesn’t contain everything that it eventually will. We’re still working on some content. But we’re excited about what we already have to offer. And we believe a website is a fine addition to our effort to bring you the most complete coverage of the De Smet area currently available.


At our website, you will find information on both display and classified advertising, subscriptions, including a portal to our e-edition, links to other websites in De Smet and in the state and contact information for The News.


We’re really excited about the e-edition and believe it is something you will find to be of great value. The e-edition is an electronic version of our regular paper. It looks exactly like the print edition, except the news photos are almost all in color.


It’s no more costly to post color photos in the e-edition than black and white ones. That’s not at all true of the print edition.


Photos processed for some ads will not appear in color in the e-edition. But ads that are in color in the print version also will be in color in the e-edition.


Current subscribers to The News are getting a bonus as we launch this new venue of providing local information. They get a free e-edition subscription in addition to their print edition.


Out-of-state subscribers and local people who are traveling or wintering somewhere in to the south will be able to read The News online before many living right here get their print edition in the mail.


The e-edition is available on all platforms, including your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device. At least we’re told it is. I know it’s available on both my computer and iPad; I don’t have a smart phone, nor do I know anyone who does to ascertain for sure that the e-edition is available on one.


New subscribers to the print edition will also get free access to the e-edition. But, if you are so inclined, you can subscribe to the e-edition only at about half the cost of a full-service subscription.


And you’ll be able to pay for your e-edition with your credit card. That’s also a convenience we haven’t been able to offer before.


Kudos to Assistant Editor David Tritle and his brother Nathan, a teacher living in Brookings, who built this web page from the ground up. They accomplished in a few short months what we had been unable to accomplish previously with available staff.


We hope you like what you see. And we invite feedback from you, positive or otherwise.


Happy surfing.


Dale Blegen


The De Smet News

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