Jesser's Greenhouse in De Smet

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


There were gnomes and Queen Anne’s Lace and power drills May 4 at Jesser’s Greenhouse as Master Gardener Glenda Oakley from Huron demonstrated fairy garden construction.


Muted white light shone through the fabric ceilings and, of course, a fresh floral scent wafted through the structure. A quiet, gray-bearded man and his wife shuffled around in the background helping customers.


Proprieters Master Gardener James Jesser and his wife Edith acquired the greenhouse from Heath Perry eight years ago. Perry now works at a 10-acre greenhouse in Sioux Falls.


Jesser’s primary job is to teach first through third grade at the Hutterite colony school in Clark. He says gardening is just his long-standing hobby.


“I grew up in Ft. Collins, Colo., and gardened with my grandma there,” said Jesser. “That sparked my interest.”


He later went to school in Nebraska and then traveled to Germany to garden with monks for awhile. He learned some of his favorite gardening techniques there.

“The way we did raspberries in Germany turns out to be the ‘new way’ we recently received from the Extension Service here,” said Jesser. “It’s interesting the way things cycle.”


David Tritle

Managing Editor

The De Smet News

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