SDI wired for success in De Smet

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


“We moved to De Smet because we have no trouble finding quality people to work here,” said Sheyenne Dakota, Inc. (SDI) Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Dave Ingalsbe. “Everyone in North Dakota is migrating out to the Bakken fields.”


Ingalsbe works primarily at SDI’s headquarters in Fargo N.D. but splits his time with the new plant in De Smet. He and his brother President and Chief Financial Officer Daryl Ingalsbe, run SDI for its parent companies, Independent Technology and Metrotel Corporation.


Metrotel originally acquired SDI when it was based in Chicago manufacturing wire bundles for pinball machines. “I didn’t want to be in the pinball business,” Ingalsbe said.


The company altered its focus, and today makes custom wire bundles for tractors, skid loaders, boats and other large machinery.


The need for such wire-bundling becomes clear when one accounts for the sheer number of wires required to control a complex machine dashboard. There are literally forests of wire hanging all over the SDI plant as Ingalsbe conducts his tour of the facility.


David Tritle


The De Smet News

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