Council paves way for dirt work to begin

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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The city council met in supplemental session Monday to discuss finalizing a bid from Bowes Construction for dirt work and parking lot construction for the new athletic complex and community center. The bids were $229,000 and $150,000 respectively for dirt work and asphalt paved parking.


The asphalt was only one of two alternatives under consideration for building the parking lot. The other alternative carried a much cheaper $22,000 price tag. The city had been thinking they might delay putting asphalt down to limit immediate costs for the upcoming projects.


“This is a bit of a dilemma for the steering committee and city,” said city attorney Todd Wilkinson. We did not expect the asphalt to be this cheap up front. It may go up again to $250,000 in four years if we wait.”


The council ultimately voted to move ahead with the more expensive asphalt. Councilman Garr Hintz said, “The ball is rolling now, we have to keep it moving.”


David Tritle


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