Spooklight Road

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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On a short stretch of a seldom-traveled dirt road between the small Miner County towns of Carthage and Fedora, for as long as people in the area can remember, there have been stories of the “spooklight,” an unexplained light that appears out of nowhere and then disappears.


A farmhouse and outbuildings that once stood on the west side of “Spooklight Road” are no longer there.  A gate with a no trespassing sign, a driveway and a grove of trees are the only traces of the farmstead that once belonged to George and Lizzy Hass and, later their son, Harry.


I have first-hand knowledge of the spooklight.  My father Lester Hass, 82, of Carthage, is Harry’s son. He recalls his grandfather’s story about the light being so bright that they could sit inside the house and read by it.


Lester spent much of his youth living on the farm. He said the light made an appearance at least every other night and it was nothing out of the ordinary to his family.



“It was just the spooklight,” he said with a shrug, “It never hurt anybody.”


Donna Palmlund

Staff Writer

The De Smet News

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