Extreme cold in De Smet warrants caution

Wednesday, January 08, 2014


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Those of us who live in South Dakota expect cold weather this time of year, but this winter has been extreme even by South Dakota standards.


Actual temperatures Sunday night and into Monday in eastern South Dakota ranged between   minus 14 and minus 20 degrees with record-breaking wind chills of minus 40 to minus 55 degrees. Wind chill is the temperature your body feels when the air temperature is combined with the wind speed.  According to the National Weather Service, these wind chills can cause frostbite in as little as five minutes, and can quickly lead to hypothermia and even death.


Church services and other events across the region were cancelled Sunday and most area schools and several businesses and offices were closed Monday and had a late start Tuesday because of the dangerously cold temperatures.


The National Weather Service issued a warning for people to stay indoors if possible, and to cover all parts of their body if they did go outside, especially the face, head and hands.


If people do choose to travel, they are encouraged to take safety precautions.


Donna Palmlund

Staff Writer

The De Smet News

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