De Smet summer league baseball minors win division tournament

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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De Smet’s summer league baseball program sent two teams to the championship tournament July 23-26 in Volga. The minors division team (ages 9-10) won it all, standing at the top of a 13-team division after toppling an undefeated Hamlin squad in the final game.


The win is made all the sweeter by the fact that coaches Wes Clubb and Jared Tolzin literally rebuilt the program from the ground up this summer.


For awhile, it looked as if there might not even be any baseball in De Smet this summer. The field had been torn up by construction and as of the beginning of May, a new location had not been found.


That was when Tolzin and Clubb, backed by the De Smet Young Guns, stepped up and made it happen. They convinced the city council to let them build Washington Park Field.


What resources the city didn’t provide were obtained from private donors. Most of the work was done by Clubb and Tolzin themselves with help from the city and the Young Guns.


What started out as a temporary replacement field quickly turned into something that looks distinctly permanent. Clubb said it has some of the best lighting in the league.


But they didn’t stop there. The two coaches also tightened up the training for all three age groups, T-ball (5-8), minors (9-10) and majors (11-12).


“We basically took em’ down to step one and then built em’ back up,” said Tolzin. “And then the kids stepped up when they needed to.”


The majors division squad (ages 11-12) also traveled to Volga to compete against 14 other squads. They fell to Hamlin and Lake Preston in the double-elimination tournament. Their final season record was 6-6, tied for fourth in their division. The minors finished at 9-2-3, good for second in their division.


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