Schubloom wins 4-H Achievement Days Round Robin

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

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Incoming De Smet senior Andrea Schubloom was this year’s Round Robin Award winner at Kingsbury County Achievement Days. Schubloom has been raising goats for five years and although she has consistently shown her animals in the past, she has never been recognized with a major award.


That is because showing goats made Schubloom ineligible for those awards. This is the first year they were granted the same status as the other show animals and Schubloom capitalized by winning the all-around showmanship award.


“It’s pretty special for me,” she said. “It helped that I’ve been raising livestock ever since I was a beginner.” Schubloom has been raising animals of one kind or another since she was nine.


According to Schubloom, the goats are friendly and playful and follow her around like a dog. “They are good pets and good show animals,” she said in an article that ran in the News last year.


But as the name of the 4-H competitive categories “Dairy Goat” and “Meat Goat” suggest, there is no future in keeping them as pets. As cute as they are, you need to sell them.


The question is, who buys goat? You hear about people eating them in other countries — drinking goat milk and eating goat cheese. But is there a market in the United States?


“I do know some people who get their goat meat back after slaughter,” Schubloom said. “The market is really high around Easter.”


In South Dakota, the goat market has shown steady growth according to United States Department of Agriculture data. In 2007, 7,383 goats were sold and in 2012, that number was up to 8,895. Most of the growth was in dairy goats.


This number represents a fraction of a percent of the number of sheep sold in the state, but nationally, the growth has been more robust.


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