Celebrate! De Smet 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

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"Celebrate! De Smet" is an annual event to celebrate all the good things happening in De Smet. One goal of the De Smet Young Guns is to hold events that cater to all generations. It is important for both younger people and ‘wiser’ people to connect. That’s how our community will continue thriving while staying true to our roots. The committee invited the De Smet community to submit nominations for four award categories, and we are proud to announce the winners.

Business of the Year

2015 Business of the Year - Legend Seeds

Youth Engagement Award

2015 Youth Engagement Award
Alexis Kranz

The Youth Engagement Award, recognizes a high school senior who demonstrates excellent engagement and leadership at school and in the community. Alexis Kranz saw a need and decided to take action. She noted that “children need role models as they grow up. It is important for every child to feel important and cared for as they grow up.” Acting on her own, without an organization or class prompting her, Alexis started the Study Buddy Program.  Once she gained school approval, she recruited high school volunteers to act as Study Buddies. While the elementary students gain a role model, help with their studies, and a person they can trust, high schoolers also benefit. High school students receive the opportunity to learn leadership skills and how to be a positive role model all while earning community service hours. Lexie’s idea has made a difference for the students of De Smet School District. She is a role model, not only for the elementary school students that the program serves, but also her peers as she strives to make the world a better place for all. We look forward to seeing what Alexis can do as she leaves DHS and enters the world. We hope she considers a life in De Smet because she is destined for great things!

Project of the Year Award

2015 Project of the Year
Fence Around the Track

This award is presented to an organization or group of individuals for a project that has positively impacted De Smet through actions of service to the community. There are several projects going on in our town where countless volunteers give of their time and talents, but one this year stood out in particular. The 2015 Project of the Year was awarded to “Fence around the track and football field project.” By putting up this fence as a community project, the group saved the De Smet School District around $20,000. The project took about three weeks, with the biggest push on a hot Saturday in August when more than 20 guys came together and tied up the actual chain link mesh to the poles. It was a hot and long day, but the guys say it went fast because there was so much help, and for the most part, they all had a good time and a few laughs! A lot of people took time out of their own schedules and time away from families and hobbies to get this done and we thank all of you for that. This project is a true testament of how small towns like De Smet come together to get things done. Nothing in life, especially life in a small town, just “happens.” It takes a concerted effort from everyone in towns like ours to make it thrive and grow.

Spirit of Dr. Bell Award

2015 Spirit of Dr. Bell Award Winner
Rita Anderson
The Spirit of Dr. Bell Award award honors a person who has dedicated their time and energy to the De Smet community. Dr. Bell set the standard high for this award by his example of serving his community. This person gives willingly, energetically, and consistently. This person might be well known, or might be a "quiet" volunteer, unrecognized until now, but has significantly contributed to the vitality of the De Smet Community. It is only fitting that the 2015 Spirit of Dr. Bell Award went to Rita Anderson. Rita’s drive and enthusiasm to keep De Smet a great place to live is incredible. Besides her working hours, Rita spends almost all of her free time helping out on some project in De Smet including Chamber events, writing grants, the De Smet Community Guide, Plein Air, Tourism, Young Guns projects, fund raising activities, writing articles and promoting De Smet in some way and helping with sporting events like ice fishing tournaments because she feels they are so good for the area and she wants everyone to experience the ‘good life’ in De Smet. Rita has an incredible amount of perseverance to see projects through and doesn’t give up when things get difficult. She has been instrumental in bringing several businesses to De Smet, assisting with the expansions of several businesses, pioneering the community center project, and her vision has brought life to both the De Smet Young Guns and the De Smet Community Foundation. Her passion is contagious as she has gotten many people involved. Be careful! If she has not gotten you involved yet, you are probably on her list! The impact of Rita’s efforts will be felt in De Smet for many, many years. Her work for economic development was recognized in 2013 as the Governor’s Office of Economic Development named De Smet the Small Town of the Year. Everywhere Rita goes, people ask how she gets so much done.

Have someone you would like to nominate for the 2016 Celebrate! De Smet Awards?  Check back late this summer for nomination forms!

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