Dugout Bar & Grill has new owners

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Karen Carlson and Gary “Wigg” Wiggins recently purchased The Dugout Steakhouse and Lounge in De Smet from Clint Martens. And renamed the  business The Dugout Bar & Grill.


Carlson and Wiggins moved to De Smet in March from Sioux Falls, but as regular summer visitors for the past two years at Marten’s Campground at Lake Thompson, they are familiar with the area.


Wiggins said they first got the idea to purchase the business one weekend when they were at the campground and the weather was too nasty to do anything at the lake. Martens brought them in to town to the Dugout and let them know it was for sale. Wiggins has experience in the bar business and also owns a Pepperidge Farm franchise in Sioux Falls.


The new owners have expanded the hours, opening daily at 11:30 a.m. for lunches. They are open throughout the afternoon and evening with no set closing time.


“We close at night when it slows down, “ Wiggins said.


Wiggins and Carlson will be closed Sundays during the summer, but plan to reopen on Sundays when football season starts. They have installed several big-screen TVs throughout the bar.


“If the weather is bad, we may open on a Sunday in the summer,” Wiggins said.


Carlson said they have been open daily, but may eventually figure out a regular day during the week to be closed.


Along with the hours, the new owners have also expanded the menu.


Homemade pizza, beef and lamb chislic, hand-cut french fries, and chicken, made with, according to Wiggins, a special recipe, are just a few of the new items. They will also continue to make prime rib using Martens’ locally famous recipe.


Donna Palmlund

Staff Writer

The De Smet News

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