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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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The Good Samaritan Center in De Smet is in the process of adding more private rooms to its skilled care center to give residents privacy and to make them feel more comfortable and at home.


 “Transition to a nursing home is already difficult without being told that you are going to have to share a room with a stranger and get rid of many of your belongings,” administrator Katlin Johnson said. “Wouldn’t any of us want a private room if we had a choice?”


The center will phase out its assisted living rooms and will use them for skilled care.


With the change, the De Smet facility will have 44 private rooms. Two residents who had been receiving assisted living care will remain and receive a skilled level of care.


Johnson said that with more space for skilled care, Good Samaritan Society can offer private rooms to all of its De Smet  residents, including those who receive Medicaid.


“We want residents in our skilled care center to feel like this is their home, and we feel private rooms are the first step in doing that,” said Johnson.


Johnson said surveys completed by residents and their families indicated many of them would like private rooms.


She said the staff is all on board with the change and feel that it is the right thing to do.


“I hope this will eventually become the norm,” Johnson said.  “Not a lot of nursing homes have done it, but I’ve researched and there are a couple others that are looking into it.”


Johnson said there is still an option for semi-private rooms for those who want it, such as married couples who still want to share a room.


Later this fall, the local Good Samaritan Center will host an event called “There’s No Place Like Home” to celebrate the changes.


Donna Palmlund

Staff Writer

The De Smet News

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