County decides to renovate courthouse

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

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Representatives of a Sioux Falls based company, Johnson Controls, recently presented commissioners with two different cost estimates for repairs and updates that would optimize energy and operational efficiency in the courthouse and prolong the life of the building. A conservative approach included replacing the furnace but did not address many other issues with the building. Cost of the more aggressive approach was estimated at  $936,505.


“We are faced with quite a few decisions on what avenue we want to take,” Lee said. “Do we want to do everything at once?”


Jensen said he is in favor of the aggressive approach, which he said would be more cost efficient in the long run. He said the county would only have startup costs one time and not have to worry about the costs going up because of inflation.


Commissioners agreed that in order to preserve the building, it makes sense to install new energy-efficient windows and complete other updates at the same time a new furnace is installed.


“The prudent approach, in my opinion, is to attack it, get it done and start saving,” Jensen said. He pointed out that it would save the county an estimated $31,000 a year in energy costs.


Donna Palmlund

Staff Writer

The De Smet News

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