2016-2017 Business Start-Up Packet just released online!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Starting a new business can be overwhelming. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development, with the assistance of several other agencies, has updated the latest version of the Business Start-Up Packet,available online at www.sdreadytowork.com/Build-Your-Business/Start-Your-Business.aspx. In the packet you can find pertinent information on how to start and maintain a successful business from the ground up. This is a tool we encourage local economic development corporations and city offices to link to on their websites as well. It can also be found on our page.

The Licensing & Registering Your Business section contains information about the different types of licenses needed for a variety of industries. The intent of this packet is to provide a new business owner the resources necessary to make their business a reality while saving them time in the process. To ensure all of the appropriate steps are taken, a new business owner can use the New Business Checklist as a guide during their journey.

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