De Smet Schools: The Right Combination

Monday, September 19, 2016

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Ask any parent what their most important considerations are when choosing a place to call home, and chances good are their answer will include a quality educational system for their children. It’s no wonder. There’s a compelling list of reasons why education is important to the success of our children, both financially and socially.

Sometimes receiving a quality education can be as simple as getting the individual attention required or being exposed to the right opportunities. The De Smet School District can accomplish both of those things. K-12 class sizes in the district average 23 and the student-to-teacher ratio is approximately 10:1.

With numbers like those, students are highly likely to get additional assistance if and when they need it. They’re also more likely to have special skills and talents recognized than students in larger schools. That means more and better opportunities for students graduating from De Smet High School.

ACT and standardized test scores that are consistently above state and national standards go to show that students are getting what they need in De Smet schools! Interested in learning more about the De Smet School District? Click on this link for contact information and to have a look at the district website.

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