De Smet is in the heart of Pheasant Country

Monday, November 07, 2016

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Opening day. Just before sunrise. In your blind, you wait patiently for the proper moment. Then, as if by magic, they begin to fly. Your heart races as they near your position. Calm and excited at the same time, you know you’re ready. You’ve waited all year for the season to arrive. There’s no tradition you enjoy more than this one...

Traditions are important. They’re something we hand down to our children and can count on with the passing of each year. In the Upper Midwest, as well as many other parts of the country, hunting is an age old tradition. According to a US Census Bureau survey, there were 13.7 million hunters in the United States in 2011.

For many people, hunting season is the time of year they look forward to most. In the area that surrounds De Smet, it’s easy for them to carry on the hunting traditions handed down to them by parents and grandparents. Known as “Pheasant Country”, Kingsbury County and the De Smet area are known for their pheasant population and annual bird migrations, as well as for deer hunting.

If you love to hunt, De Smet, SD is a place worth checking out! To learn more about what the area has to offer in the ways of outdoor activities, lodging and restaurants, click on the following link:

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