Volunteer Firefighters bring Christmas treats to De Smet kids

Monday, November 28, 2016

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There are certain things that kids just seem to universally love. Christmas is one of them. Fire trucks are another. Candy and treats seem pretty universal as well. What would happen if all of those things were combined in an annual tradition? Wouldn’t that be a good day for a kid? A tradition like that might stick around for a while.

That’s exactly what’s happened in De Smet. Volunteer firefighters have had a long standing tradition of delivering candy to all of the kids in De Smet on Christmas morning. Even those who are visiting. (Don’t forget to tell the fire department if there are kids in your house from out of town!) If I was a kid, it would be hard to imagine a better Christmas morning!

Sometimes living in a smaller town means you get to benefit from the community that’s been created there. This “Christmas Tradition” carried on by firefighters in De Smet is a great example of the community attitude and generosity of the folks who live there.

There are lots of good things happening in De Smet. Want to know more about this progressive community? Check out the De Smet Community Guide to see what’s going on. Thank you volunteer firefighters!

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