De Smet Development Corporation: Focused on Growth!

Monday, December 05, 2016

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Not all communities are created equally. Some are progressive in their thinking, some are not. Some pull together for the common good, others don’t. For a smaller community like De Smet to thrive and grow, its residents must look to the future, and each of those residents must pitch in and “do their part.”

That’s what it’s like in De Smet. It’s a great place to live and do business, especially because of the community’s focus on economic development and growth. At least in part, that growth can be attributed to The De Smet Development Corporation. They have identified countless resources and incentives available to help startup and existing businesses while creating a climate of expansion and growth.

If you ask De Smet Development Corporation Director Rita Anderson questions about the growth of her community, you’re likely to get an answer like, “We firmly believe there is no status quo – if we’re not moving forward, we’re moving backward.” She also attributes the growth in the De Smet community to the character of its residents and a “We CAN do it!” attitude. The atmosphere is one of constant change and growth!

Whether your business is successful or not many times depends on the community in which it’s located. The business climate in De Smet is progressive and the “frontier” living is good. Does this sound like the place for you? Why not give Rita a call at 605-854-9011 or send her an email at: You can also learn more about the De Smet Development Corporation by clicking on this link.

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