Come and visit the De Smet Event & Wellness Center!

Monday, December 19, 2016

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Do you exercise on a daily basis? Would you do it if you found out it would help you live longer? Well, it just may. According to the results of a recent major study published by the Public Library of Science, every minute of exercise could add seven minutes to your life. If you exercise every day, that could really add up!

Obviously there’s no way to verify the results of this study, but most people benefit from exercise in some way. Are you looking for a place to get daily exercise? Check out the De Smet Event & Wellness Center. With an indoor walking track and a wellness room, it offers fitness opportunities for all ages with 24 hour access. It has equipment for all levels of work-outs.  Or maybe you’d like to take advantage of the Get Fit on 2nd Street in  De Smet. It also offers affordable memberships to its 24-hour fitness center so you can get exercise on your schedule.

The Event & Wellness Center is more than just a place to get fit, however. There’s also a multi-purpose exhibit hall, space for conferences, community meetings and business events, and a community theatre to showcase the amazing talent in De Smet. To see a layout of the new building, check out page 57 of the De Smet Community Guide.

Are you interested in what the De Smet Event & Wellness Center has to offer? Give Kristy Hubbard a call at 605-854-6060 for hours and information. You can also check out their Facebook Page. For information on the Get Fit, give them a call at 605-854-9300. For information on other activities in De Smet and the surrounding area, click on this link. Get out there and do!

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