Small Towns: Living the Good Life

Monday, December 26, 2016

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People in smaller towns generally have a different attitude towards living than those in larger cities. Life tends to move at slower pace, and people take the time to get to know one another. Those aren’t the only differences, however. There are many advantages to living in smaller towns and rural communities.

Small towns are safer, boasting crime rates that are 50-80% lower than in big cities. In other words, there simply isn’t as much crime. Kids aren’t constantly exposed to negative environments and adults can worry less too. Kids also have a tendency to mature at a younger age and also learn early that everybody must pitch in to keep a small town working. For that reason, they may take careers and school more seriously than their urban counterparts(SmallTownGuide).

Are small towns healthier? They certainly are from a standpoint of air quality. De Smet earns anair quality rating of 97 with100 being the highest. That’s notably higher than even a small city like Sioux Falls, (91.4) and also higher than the U.S. average.  

There are many advantages to small town living. People in De Smet are happy about where they live!  Want to know more about living and working in De Smet and the rural community that surrounds it? Check out theDe Smet Community Guide.Isn’t it time to enjoy the good life?

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