Golf for everyone at the Kingsbury County Country Club

Monday, January 30, 2017

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What is it about golfing in a small town that we love so much? You can almost always get on the course and you really never have to reserve a tee time. Can you do that in a large community? Not usually!! And you can rent a cart at a very reasonable cost immediately and be out having fun before you can usually find a parking place at a golf course in a large community!!

It was that kind of passion for golf that built the Kingsbury County Golf Course and Clubhouse in De Smet. Even though there were only a handful of golfers in the area, stockholders were found and volunteer laborers were used to build the 9-hole course in use today. With positive and progressive attitudes, the community got the job done!

Today, the golf course is a busy place even though you never have to wait for a tee time! There are several different leagues each week, a full service restaurant and bar and an atmosphere that is welcoming to serious and casual golfers alike. Fees are kept affordable so that all who want to participate can have the opportunity to do so. They even offer half price dues for your first year!

To learn more about golf leagues, green fees and available options for dues, check out page 27 in theDe Smet Community Guideor give the course a call at 605-854-3134.

To learn about other outdoor and recreational opportunities in De Smet, click on this link:

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