Old Settler’s Day: A Celebration of Friends

Monday, February 06, 2017

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Americans have a lot of traditions. Sunday football, Halloween, religious holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations are all traditions familiar to most of us. Why do we have so many traditions? Of what value are they to us? Psychology today suggests that they act as compasses for all of our human relationships. As we honor traditions, so do we learn to honor ourselves, and just as importantly, one another.

Old Settler’s Day is a tradition that’s been around for a long time. As the longest running community celebration in South Dakota, it’s been around more than 100 years and is still being celebrated in De Smet every June. Its beginnings were simple: Original homesteaders would return to celebrate De Smet’s founding and to see the old friends they’d left behind. They knew the importance of “keeping in touch.”

The Old Settler’s Day celebration of today is filled with events and activities for adults and kids alike. There’s the parade, the Wilder 5K/10K Run, crafts, foods, and a car show. There’s even free admission to the swimming pool and a variety of events just for the kids. The All-School Reunion was part of the event in 2015 as well and is held every five years during the Old Settlers Days.

The De Smet Old Settler’s Day celebration is great way to reconnect with family and friends or spend time getting to know what the community of De Smet is all about. For information about the event, check out the De Smet Community Guide. Come and join us for the celebration!


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