Come and Paint on the Rolling Prairies!

Monday, March 06, 2017

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Across our vast United States, we have been blessed with boundless beauty. The ocean waters of our coastlines, the mountain ranges with their rugged peaks, the meandering rivers of the plains; each offers a magnificence unique to itself. Artists can’t help but be inspired by such beauty, and those who paint have been capturing it on canvas for generations.

Artist Harvey Dunn found his inspiration on the plains of the Midwest. The vast, open spaces and rolling prairie were his backdrop, and his paintings depicted life there. Each summer in De Smet you can experience painting “in the open air” just as he did. It’s called the Plein Air Paint Out, and artists of all levels are welcome.

Conducted by the Harvey Dunn Society, the Plein Air Event is your opportunity to gather with other artists and paint on the prairie. It happens every year during the second week of August, and admission and registration are both free! There are painting workshops for those wanting to learn, and creations from the event can be purchased at a wet sale.

Do you love to paint or would you like to learn more about it? Click on Plein Air Event for more information. Or you can call Rita, 605-203-0216 or email her at: It’s a fun event for painters of all skill levels!

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