Maynards Food Center & Lewis Drug Expand Together for Great Shopping Experience

Monday, September 25, 2017

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Come to De Smet to experience the great newly expanded one-stop shopping destination for your pharmacy needs, grocery items, greeting cards, gifts and more. Maynards Food Center has expanded their store and welcomed Lewis Drug in partnership with them enabling Lewis Drug to increase their retail inventory also. It has a wonderful convenient location on the north end of Main Street in De Smet and is a wonderful addition to the community. It is handy to walk down to the post office, the many other retail stores and coffee shop/ restaurant on Main Street and have a great shopping experience. Or if you are in a hurry...just run into Maynards/ Lewis & get your basics and you are on your way. There is no worry about finding a parking spot close-by or having to wait in line. Customer service is a priority!!!

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