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108 Calumet Avenue
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Rita Anderson
P.O. Box 42
De Smet, SD 57231
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Housing is vital to our town’s growth.  De Smet was honored to be selected as a Home Address community. The Home Address program is designed to increase community capacity to develop strategic housing now and in the future.

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Housing Needs Assessment

We completed a Housing Needs Assessment in the Summer of 2014, now what do we do with the results? Some of the recommendations from the needs assessment include:

  •  High-end rental housing targeted toward retirement-aged citizens 
  • Affordable workforce housing 
  • Online marketing of housing and rentals available in De Smet 
  • Creating an inventory of vacant lots available

The Home Address team is held a community gathering on Sunday, November 16th to address the findings of the assessment.
The purpose of this meeting was to:

  1. Involve our entire community
  2. Explore what future you want for housing in De Smet 
  3. Create and achieve that future together 


The format allowed everyone to express their thoughts and ideas. Everyone was invited from all ages, all sectors: youth, adults, agriculture, government, education, health, financial, manufacturing, retail, service and more! We really wanted input from everyone in the community!
Five initiative teams emerged from this meeting and are taking this housing issue head-on.  
  1. Single Family Homes Team 
  2. Upscale Retirement Community Team 
  3. Centralized Access Team
  4. 2-3 Bedroom Apartments Team
  5. Infrastructure Team
Interested in learning more or sharing your ideas.  Join us at our next community meeting!  Check out www.DeSmetSD.com for meeting dates or email Rita Anderson for more info.  

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