When you're ready to travel, De Smet welcomes you!

We continue to implement safety practices to keep our community and visitors safe. 

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Safety is our responsibility 

We are practical and conscious in our approach. The City of De Smet is offering free masks to anyone that needs one at City Hall and our businesses are running at half-capacity, have hand sanitizing stations in them, and deeply clean often.

Kingsbury County Resolutions

View the Kingsbury County Resolution #20-2

View the Kingsbury County Ordinance #52

Business Information

Our restaurants and convenience stores are open for business. They are running at half capacity and are aware of their customer's needs. Some have drive-through or drive-up options, take and bake, and dine-in options. But come hungry, because the food is some of the best around!

See our Visitor information! Great places to shop, eat and enjoy some entertainment! 


De Smet Event & Wellness Center-Open!

De Smet Event Center Waiver


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